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Accel Medical Advisors ™ LLC was organized to address the change in the corporate environment brought about by the events of the past three years. Accel’s team of elite medical professionals has developed a series of programs that will help businesses of all sizes adapt to this new corporate environment in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Prominent business publications are calling for companies to hire a Chief Medical Officer to meet the new workplace challenges:

“COVID 19 is Elevating a New Type of Executive: Chief Medical Officer (CMO)”

— Wall St. Journal

“The health-savvy CEO: Health and wellness have become urgent CEO priorities”

— Deloitte

“Does your company need a Chief Medical Officer?”

— Harvard Business Review

“A New Kind of CMO: Why Your Company Needs a Chief Medical Officer.”

— MidCity News

“Covid Made the Chief Medical Officer A C-Suite Must”

— Bloomberg

“How to Design Workplace Programs for Mental Health According to One Chief Medical Officer”


“7 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs a Chief Medical Officer”

— Human Resources

Director Magazine

Accel recognizes this need but also is aware of the high cost of a full-time Chief Medical Officer. Accel’s programs are designed to allow companies to have the benefit of the expertise of a Board-Certified Physician in a more flexible and economical approach. Companies will be able to rely upon expert medical advice in order to make the most important decisions affecting their most valuable asset: Their Employees.

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