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Kathleen Freeman, 

RN, M.S., Ed.

Chief Executive Officer

Kathleen Freeman, RN, M.S., Ed., is founder and CEO of Health Fitness Concepts RN, LLC (HFC), an established corporate wellness firm that has been meeting the wellness needs of companies continuously since 1985. HFC’s programs and services are dedicated to achieving optimal health and preventing disease through onsite screening, education, and lifestyle management. Over the past 35 years, HFC has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of employees.

Kathy’s degrees in nursing, psychology, and health education, coupled with years working in a critical care hospital setting before founding HFC in 1985, provided invaluable insight into the power of prevention in avoiding illness and served as the genesis for her journey into corporate wellness.


The 2020 CoVID Pandemic revealed an area of need in the corporate wellness arena. HFC received numerous calls from corporate clients searching for medical guidance as they began navigating their way through 2020 and beyond. Sensing the need for access to medical expertise, Kathy collaborated with colleagues within the industry to form Accel Medical Advisors™,LLC.

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