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An Accel Chief Medical Advisor™ will advise and assist management on these topics:

  • See Significant ROI for a modest investment

    • Medical Case Review

    • Review your Company’s insurance claim history and identify areas where Company can adopt programs and strategies to reduce healthcare costs

    • Enhance relations with Stakeholders

    • Retain and attract high level talent by showing a commitment to a Culture of Health

  • Recommend screening and mitigation programs for chronic diseases (i.e. diabetes, hypertension, COPD, etc.)

  • Critical incident management (communicable disease management, vaccination programs, etc.)

  • Interpret sometimes inconsistent and vague messages from federal and state agencies

  • Provide corporate leadership with science-based, expert advice to meet the enhanced fiduciary duties of management. 

  • Address the new trend of Corporate Social Responsibility (community and employee health initiatives)

The most urgent challenges to Leadership are clear. 
How do you…


Prepare for unforeseen and known/expected medical and health-related challenges?


Retain and attract talented employees by showing a commitment to creating and sustaining a Culture of Health


Address the concerns of your Company’s Stakeholders by showing that management has met its fiduciary duty related to future health challenges to your company


Create significant ROI for a modest investment – we want this to stand out -

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