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Amie Hoffman

Founder and CEO of Wellness Concepts Inc.

Amie Hoffman is a Registered Dietitian, Founder and CEO of Wellness Concepts Inc. Amie has over 20 years of experience in the corporate wellness arena with extensive  expertise in strategic planning, technology innovation, science and evidence based program development and global delivery. She began her journey in wellness programming in 1999 with a pilot program in a corporate cafeteria. Then a Corporate Foodservice Director, Amie combined her passion for great food and nutrition to create a series of interactive, culinary-based nutrition education programs to support and promote healthy eating practices in the workplace. In 2000, Amie became a Registered Dietitian in order to gain the knowledge and clinical expertise required to provide dietary interventions and effective, science-based programming. Since then Amie has utilized her diverse business and culinary background to create and implement new, innovative, science and evidence-based worksite wellness programs designed to deliver measurable improvement in employee health for clients’ businesses of all sizes throughout the world.

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